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Maria fuit hic, which takes up the Latin inscription of Jan Van Eyck in his famous The Arnolfini Portrait, is the result of a very intimate work, carried out in complete solitude, a collection of self-portraits conceived and staged inside a hypothetical green room of a truffautian matrix. Different variations to extemporaneously immortalize the multiple states of being: the me that I was, that I am and that will never be.

Maria, was therefore here.


In Maria fuit hic I refuse academism and a technically "correct" approach to the image, preferring abstraction and indeterminacy. My intent is to leave the viewer the opportunity to play an active part in the composition and interpretation of my shots. I try not to offer a clear and didactic vision, but "in progress" as if it were the material impression of thought. The super high speed type of film used in the project, consisting of very large silver halide grains, contributes to making the exposure of the subjects not very detailed, but rich in shadows and shades.

Mariachiara Pernisa

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MONOLYTO N. 14 MARIACHIARA PERNISA MARIA FUIT HIC. Autoritratti nella camera verde Ottobre 2020

MARIA FUIT HIC. Self-portraits in the green room
October 2020

Monolyto is a collection dedicated to photography that comes from research, reflection, reasoning. A photograph that is inspired by ideas. Ideas that are transformed into words and images that can be the starting point for new ideas and new intentions, so as to be able to generate a virtuous circle of creativity. Each issue of Monolyto will host the project of an author or a collective. A monographic and monothematic publication destined to be part of a lively collection full of ideas and proposals.




Video-photographic installation curated by Mauro Santini

June 22-26, 2022

Lo Spazio Bianco Exhibition Center - Pesaro, Italy

The doors of perception (2015-2018), Coma Berenices (2018), Maria fuit hic (2020)


Exhibition organized by the 58th Pesaro Film Festival, which includes the photographic project Maria fuit hic and some video works she created in collaboration with Morgan Menegazzo.

program of the Pesaro Film Festival

catalog of the Pesaro Film Festival

interview for Rai Cultura

press release Pescheria - Centro Arti Visive

article by Artemagazine

Article of Article 21


Issue No. 6

Aeonian Magazine  

Experimental and Alternative Photography

January 2022


Aeonian Magazine is a publication dedicated to celebrating experimental photography. Through Instagram, we create a community of photographers interested in all things experimental-- polaroids, cyanotypes, tintypes, film, and so much more.

The word aeonian was derived from the Greek word aionios, which means "lasting an age,” or “perpetual”. This is the definition of photography. Since the early 1800s, photography has been used as a window to the world. It captures everyday experiences with beauty and life changing moments with grace. It documents world events and political movements. It captures faces bearing joy, sadness, and anger. It captures first smiles and first steps. Photography allows us to carry the present into the future with a click of a button. This ability is what brings humans closest to being eternal. Photography is a time machine, blending together the past, present, and future. Photography is aeonian.



Issue No. 6

Aeonian Magazine  

Experimental and Alternative Photography

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